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Merge estimates into probability ranges
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Advanced Management Statistics, Made Simple

Apply a sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation and turn ranged estimates into percentages.
1. Enter Items
2. Add Risks
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Have an honest, data driven planning conversation
Talk about what matters, not anecdotes
Go from political wrangling and padded negotiations to realistic conversations about forecasts and likely scenarios.
Risk Management
Fully integrate risks and opportunities into your planning process rather than a side activity.
Project Planning
No project is ever going to finish at exactly 5pm on Friday. Understand the range of possibilities and plan based on actual ranges of outcomes.

Pricing and Plans


Get started for free, no credit card required, and simulate basic projects and budgets.

Upgrade to a professional plan at any time when you need more advanced features.

All paid plans unleash the full power of DartCannon, inluding:
  • Unlimited Saved Simulations
  • High Resolution Simulations
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Correlated Outcomes
The Professional plan is $10/month or $100/year.
We provide custom pricing packages for enterprise customers who want to provide access to DartCannon for all employees. Contact us today to discuss pricing options.
Company info
DartCannon was founded on the idea that advanced tools should be available to all managers in an easy to use form. After gestating for 10 years, the time and technology is finally at a point where tools which previously cost $1,000's per seat can be accessible by everyone.
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