Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy (7)
Other (4)


  • Is my data secure?
  • What do I do if I think my account has been compromised?
  • What type of data do you collect?
  • Who can see the details of my simulation?
  • How secure is my payment information?
  • Can DartCannon employees view details of my simulations?
  • If I sign up, how much email will you send?

Pricing & Billing

  • Can I get a rebate if I cancel part way through my subscription?
  • What happens if I let my subscription lapse?
  • Can I pay using PayPal?
  • Can I share an account with coworkers?


  • Can I use distributions other than triangles?
  • Is it possible to make the probability of a risk a range?
  • Aren't all estimates a waste of time?


  • I accidentally deleted a simulation - how can I get it back?
  • I found a problem or bug - what should I do?
  • I have a great idea for how DartCannon can be made better - who can I talk to?
  • I want to delete my account and all simulations